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What to Expect

What to Expect

Welcome to what may be for you a new world of worship. When attending Christ Reformed Church, you may find yourself in a worship setting that’s different from what you have experienced.

First, you might notice that some things seem to be missing. Where’s the overhead projector? Where are the praise singers? Where is the Children’s Church?

Some would call our worship "traditional." Since the Triune God we worship is timeless, we prefer to avoid such time-bound references. We’d rather use the term "biblical." Yet we recognize that biblical worship has a history, so our order of worship could be referred to as “historic.” Our worship is grounded not in the relatively recent practices of the past few decades, but in the lively practices of God-centered worship that have been honored throughout the Church’s history.

You’ll find that our worship is relatively simple, with an emphasis on the fundamentals of worship. You’ll hear a call to worship (Psalm 100:1-5), a greeting (Philippians 1:2), singing (Psalm 95:1-3), a time of confession and pardon (Nehemiah 8:6), an offering (I Corinthians 16:2), prayer (Acts 2:42), Scripture reading (I Timothy 4:13), preaching (I Timothy 4:13; 2 Timothy 4:2), and a parting blessing (Numbers 6:22-27).

You’ll also notice that we read, recite, and sing Psalms. We believe that God gave the Psalms for worship, and we should use them. Contemporary songs may be used on occasion, but our emphasis is on historic Psalms, along with hymns that express the truths we believe about the Lord we love.

The emphasis of our worship is not on the individual, but on the corporate body. As a result, we worship together in our singing, prayer, and reciting of creeds. In this regard, you’ll also discover that we are not an age-segregated church. Our families worship together (Nehemiah 8:1-2; Matthew 19:13-15), both children and adults.

Our people dearly love the Lord, and we believe that the intensity of the worship should not always be equated with spontaneous praise. In connection with the spirit of worship, we believe that worship should be joyfully reverent– an attitude derived from Hebrews 12:28-29, which calls us to “offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”

Historically, Protestant churches have placed an emphasis on the reading, singing, praying, and preaching of the Bible. You’ll notice that this is our emphasis as well, since “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17).

Much more could be said about the rationale for our worship. For now, we pray that this brief explanation will help you to understand why we do what we do in worship. If you have any questions about our worship or our ministry, we would be glad to talk to you. See our Contact Us page for details on how to reach us. May the Lord bless you as we join together in lifting high the name of Jesus!