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What is Reformed?

What is Reformed?

We use the name “Reformed,” referring to the historic Protestant Reformation of the 16th century that restored the Church to the Word of God. The Lord raised up “Reformers” during that time, using these men to challenge the corrupted Roman Catholic Church of that day with the basic teachings of God's Word.

We think it is important to distinguish ourselves as "Reformed" – not because the Reformers themselves should be glorified, but because their teachings faithfully summarized the Bible. Sadly many groups today have departed from these teachings, which should be the firm basis for love and unity in the body of Christ.

As a Reformed Church, we believe that Scripture alone is our ultimate guide for faith and life. We confess and proclaim the biblical gospel: that we are saved from sin and eternal wrath by God’s grace alone, because of the perfect righteousness of Christ alone, which is received not by our goodness but through faith alone—all for the glory of God alone. (Eph. 2:8-10; Rom. 3:23; 11:33-36).

Today, as in every age, the best way to promote unity among Christians is to stand together on the truth of God's Word. At the time of the Reformation, the Church summarized the basic teachings of the Bible in its written statements of belief, or "confessions." Our forefathers used those confessions to stand firmly together on God’s Word, over against false teachings and man-made traditions. Our church uses these historic confessions today for the same reasons.

To view these detailed see our Statement of Faith.